Current Project

May  Project  2017

This project will take place at Menzieshill Community Centre in Dundee between May 1st and May 26th.  The first 3 weeks we will meet Monday to Friday between 11.00 am and 5.00 pm.

The sessions will be led by Alan Cameron and our film-maker Sandie Jamieson.  We will also be working with 2 professional actors (one of whom worked on our pilot project), 2 drama students from the Dundee and Angus College, and 2 of the Veterans who worked on our pilot project.  The priority throughout will be the health and well-being of participants.  To achieve this, we deal with any issues imediatley and we also have the support of our partners throughout the process and they will help where necessary.

We start with a few days of relaxed drama games to help us all get to know each other and to make a start on acquiring the skills required.  We then spend time acquiring the skills required to devise and perform a play.  We devise the play (in other words we make it up as a team, and you as Veterans will say what you want to say), then we rehearse and then perform it. This does not involve learning lines, and is as stress free as we can make it.  We then perform it to a small audience at Menzieshill Community Centre.

The subject matter of the devised play will be the experience of leaving the Forces and the challenges – both positive and negative, humorous and serious – of dealing with civilian life.  We will gather material for this mainly through the use of Social Media, before we start.  Whether participants want to use their own experiences in the process will be entirely up to each individual.

During this time Sandie will be leading sessions in how to make a film, and this
will lead to participants making a short film based around the subject matter of the play itself, or the process we go through during the 3 weeks – the choice will be up to the Veteran participants

The following week, we will take the play around Community Centres in Dundee.  This tour is in response to requests for us to do so from the Veterans involved in the pilot project.  During this week we also discuss the value of the project to yourselves. We also discuss other projects that you might like to become involved in, and we will be inviting organisations to talk to you about what they might have to offer.

Following the project, we continue to support participants by arranging meetings through our dedicated facebook page, theatre visits and walks or whatever activities the Veterans suggest.  We are also in the process of setting up weekly drama/social sessions, also run by professional drama workers and also involving students from the D & A College.

If you are in any way interested, you can apply or get more information by e-mailing Alan at:  [email protected], or you can apply through Veterans First Point in Dundee or Fife, Combat Stress or through ‘Step Together’.

OUR  THANKS  TO  OUR  FUNDERS:  Help for Heroes, ABF The Soldiers Charity, Poppy Scotland, The Northwood Trust and Dundee Council