‘The Dandelion Patch’ – our latest Production
Alan Cameron

At the start of June, we finished our 4 week 2018 project. It was once again a challenge – but very rewarding. You can see the play itself on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/277762432.

We spent 3 weeks as a team, getting to know each other, devising the play (making it up ourselves, through improvisations)and then touring it for one week.

At Stand Easy, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of family understanding and support for our Veterans with mental health issues. But alongside this, there is the issue of how little support there is out there for the families themselves. These issues are what our play is about.

One significant advance for us this year, was the involvement of our first Blind Veteran. This meant a good deal of adaptation to suit her needs, but she found it a valuable experience:

“I didn’t feel any different from anyone else when working in a group ….. everyone treated me as a normal human being”. “I spoke to people about things I haven’t spoken about before in a very long time. I felt I could talk about these things in the group”. “I felt confident that I could leave my cane and walk away. That’s a big thing for me.”

We hope that this will encourage other blind or partially sighted Veterans to participate in our activities.

It is never the same watching a film of a live performance – but we hope that you get a little of the emotions we all felt during its preparation and tour.

The Dandelion Patch – our new play will soon be touring
Alan Cameron

Since Monday 7th May, our Veterans have been devising a play about Forces family life. The play focuses on life where a Veteran has a serious mental condition such as PTSD. In our usual way, what is a very important subject, the Veterans have had fun with as well – which you will see in the play.

The tour dates are as follows:

Friday 25th May – 6.30 at the Menzieshill CC in Dundee
Monday 28th May – 7.00 at the Macrobert Arts Centre Stirling
Tuesday 29th May – 12.30 at the Kirkton Community Centre Dundee
Wednesday 30th May – 2.00 at the Walled Garden Project in Perth (PKAVS)
Thursday 31st May  –  2.00 pm at the Douglas CC in Dundee
Friday 1st June  –  11.00 am at Charleston CC in Dundee

All performances are free of charge and will last approximately 40 minutes (we are still devising it so we don’t yet know the exact time!)

Do please come along and support our Veterans and find out what they have to say.

We are immensely grateful to the following organisations for their financial support:
The Peoples Postcode Lottery, The Northwood Trust, ABF The Soldiers Charity, Dundee Council, Help for Heroes, The Aberbrothock Trust and the Menzieshill Community Centre Local Management Group.