Family Initiatives – supporting families of Veterans

Stand Easy is about to launch a new research period, looking into how best we can also support the families of Veterans. Through our work so far, we’ve observed the following:

  • When a Veteran has mental health issues, the whole family can be hugely challenged, often resulting in the break-up of the family unit. This further impacts the Veteran, resulting in an even more vulnerable state.
  • Veterans are offered a large variety of support mechanisms, but family members are frequently forgotten. There is little, or no, available support for them.

Already in America, research has indicated that if serving personnel have a strong family unit, they are less likely to suffer from, for example, Post Traumatic Stress. This research has resulted in policies being put in place to support the whole family unit.  It’s widely recognised that if Veterans begin to experience PTS, they are more likely to be able to deal with it within a stable and supportive family unit.

We are still catching up in the UK, but there is a long way to go.  

Stand Easy has set up a sub-committee, made up mainly of partners of Veterans with PTS.  We aim to use their experiences to help us find a way of providing appropriate support through the work that we do.  The first meeting is on Monday, 15th October. We are also hoping to confirm the involvement of a Postgraduate researcher.  

We welcome any help available, and are looking for you to get involved.  If you are affected by these issues (adults and children) we would appreciate hearing from you.  Please remember, any contact will be confidential.  

Get in touch with us on e-mail at:, or through our social media pages on Facebook (@standeasyproductions) and Twitter (@StandEasyDundee). Send us a direct message through these platforms if you want to remain private.

We look forward to hearing from you!