May 2018 project
Alan Cameron

We are now recruiting for our May project. We are looking for a group of 8 – 12 Veterans who have been Wounded, Injured or who are Sick. Most of the Veterans we take on are dealing with mental health issues, the majority of which are PTSD. The difficulty is that so many Veterans who we might be able to help, lead isolated lives and so may not hear about us, so if you know of anyone who you feel might benefit from what we do, please encourage them to get in touch with us so they can talk to Veterans who have already been involved with Stand Easy.

What we do is great fun – but also challenging. And it works. It helps Veterans to get back in touch with life, to re-engage with both the Veteran and civilian community. We help to build confidence and to rediscover skills. We listen to what you have to say. No one is forced to do anything. You can step out of any part of the process you feel uncomfortable with, including the final performance.

The project runs from Monday 7th May to Friday 1st June. We work every day Monday to Friday starting at 11.00 am and we end with a meal at 5.00 pm. The meal is provided for us thanks to ABF The Soldiers Charity. It takes place at Menzieshill Community Centre, Dundee.

We have 2 places available for Veterans who need to travel a long distance to take part. We will fund B & B accommodation and travel costs for these places.

To apply, get in touch with me at: We will then arrange for you to meet up and talk to a Veteran who has been a past participant.

Go for it. You’ve nothing to lose …..

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