Weekly drama workshops thanks to Awards For All
Alan Cameron

Well, really good news. We have received a grant from Awards for All which means that we can now run weekly drama workshops every Wednesday starting on 25th October. This makes such a difference to what we can offer our Veterans. Here are the details.

“WHERE: Dundee & Angus College, Gardyne Campus.
WHEN: Every Wednesday afternoon during College term time
HOW LONG: 3 hours
WHO FOR: Wounded, Injured or Sick Veterans and their partners. Members or retired members of the Fire and Rescue Service who are dealing with mental health issues, together with their partners.


They are drama sessions where you will acquire performance skills. The skills and confidence you build from using these skills can be transferred to your day to day life.

They may lead to short performances if you and the group of participants choose for it to do so. These may be shown to small groups of students at the college or to a wider audience. Again, it will be your choice.

There will always be time during each session for socialising.


Clara Bloomfield will have responsibility for leading the sessions. Clara is a community theatre professional, a director and a PT College lecturer.
Clara will work with Khailey Mckenzie, an actor who was a student on our 2016 May project , together with a small number of students from the College.


You will definitely gain in confidence. You will have fun. You will work in a creative, safe, supportive – but also a challenging environment. You will gain a sense of achievement at having met the challenges offered. The process helps to reduce anxiety and stress

You will also benefit from being with both Veterans and Civilians, from talking things through with others who will listen and who will value your experience, your views and your feelings.

You will also find out if you would like a place on our longer project in May 2018.

HOW: Apply to Alan Cameron at [email protected], or via your Veterans First Point Centre, Combat Stress, Step Together, or Band of Brothers/Band of Sisters. It is free of charge.”

So what are you waiting for? Please do get in touch, let other Veterans know about it and come along. We will be providing transport to the session on the first Wednesday at least.

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