The One Show – Stand Easy in England
Alan Cameron

Stand Easy in England, a completely different organisation to ourselves, has been part of an investigation by the Charities Commission into Veterans Charities.

We do need to emphasise that this organisation has absolutely no links to ourselves.

When they took the same name as us, we got in touch with them, but decided that because they were in England, because we supported Veterans in very different ways – and because we felt the priority was the work achieved for Veterans, we took no action.

Our weekly drama workshops
Alan Cameron

We start our weekly workshops on Wednesday 25th October. These take place at the Gardyne Campus of the Dundee and Angus College and will run from 1.00 – 4.00 pm. On the first day, we will provide transport to and from the Campus.

If you are in the slightest bit interested, do please get in touch so we can tell you what we do and how it can help. And if you know of a WIS Veteran who you think this might help – even just to get them out of the house – please help them to contact us. The e-mail address is: [email protected], and from this contact we will arrange a meeting with one of our Veterans who has already been involved.

You may think what on earth has drama to do with me, but previous participants in our May project have described it as life-changing. It is fun, it is social, it helps to reduce anxiety and build a more positive outlook on life. It is for men and women of all ages and you can also bring your partner. You will work with 2 theatre professionals plus 3 volunteer drama students.

Do give it a try.

Also, our thanks to Mr Bill Bowman, the MSP for N.E. Scotland. He mentioned the work we do in the Scottish Parliament and he is coming to meet us at the end of the month to find out more about Stand Easy. We appreciate the interest and support.