Performance Dates
Alan Cameron

Here is our poster for the show with all the dates.  Sorry, it seems we can’t simply show it, but just click below and you will get it.

Rehearsals going well.  Lots of hard work, disagreements and agreements, good laughs – and a play is emerging from the gloom.


Poster draft 2


The First Four Days
Alan Cameron

The start of any of our projects is a stress.  It is a stress for the Veterans getting the courage to step over the door.  And it is a stress for us as we wait to see how many manage to do so.

Then, once we start, it all clicks into place.

We are already a team.  Actually, were almost a team from day one thanks to the generosity of our Veterans sharing their experiences with us.  We have already had creative work, funny work, work which the Veterans have found difficult, work which they have taken to like ducks to water.  And we have had lots of laughs.  A good start, eh?

The Veterans have also enjoyed Sandie’s film-making workshops.  They organised interviews of the students and made a professional job of filming them and operating the sound boom.  Well, looked professional to me.

And thanks to Jackie, we have been well fed every evening.

We will get some film footage on the blog next week, and some comments from our Veterans as they are the best people to tell you all about it.  But for now, in my exhausted state, I will leave it at this.